2013 December

An old scout learning new tricks

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I have been the “new” Executive Director here at Carolina Wildlife Center for the past five months. I still use the word “new” because I have discovered that things around here change constantly. I can tell I will have to experience at least a full year to begin to understand the natural cycle of this environment.

Jay 003aAs a child, I grew up playing in the woods, building tree houses and forts, building bridges and damming up creeks. I caught fireflies, tadpoles and crawfish. I hiked.  I camped. A Boy Scout to the end. No matter where we lived there was always somewhere close by to get out into the woods.

As for my background, I bring experience in marketing and advertising, real estate development, construction and non-profit management. This position at Carolina Wildlife Center offers an opportunity to use all of my past experiences in an environment that serves the very nature and wildlife that has been such an important part of my life.

I am honored to have been asked to be part of this amazing organization. I am inspired each day by our dedicated, knowledgeable and compassionate staff and volunteers. The education I have received and the experiences I have had in these first five months change me daily. You only have to spend a day at the “Nest” to realize the delicate balance of human and wildlife interaction and the responsibility we have to maintain this balance. I invite you to join me be an active part of this adventure. Your support and participation is essential to the work we do. Please donate, volunteer and support our efforts to care for our wildlife and educate our community about the balance we must maintain between nature and ourselves.