We are devoted to the rehabilitation of injured and orphaned animals and the preservation of wildlife through education.
Our story begins in 1989 when five Columbia residents recognized a growing need for a local organization dedicated to the care of wildlife in distress. Working in a garage, we received less than 100 patients that first year.

Today we are a 501(c)(3) nonprofit. In the decades since treating our first fledgling blue jay, we’ve treated and rehabilitated more than 55,000 animals representing 200 species.

As human populations across South Carolina rapidly encroach upon animal habitats, we fulfill a need for increased education about our eco-community and how to care for and protect the wildlife living here.


We offer spring, summer and fall internships for college students. Our internships are designed to provide valuable hands-on experience with wildlife and involve students in the daily operations of a non-profit organization.

Conservation Partners

Our work wouldn’t be possible without generous contributions from our Wildlife Conservation Partners.

Board of Directors

Robin Brown, Vice Chairperson
Bob Woodwyk, Treasurer
Charlie Thompson, Chairperson
Dr. Cameron Barkley, DVM
Ann Yancey
Michael Kelly
Arnie Wodtke
Sherry Harrison

Advisory Board

Ann Dedman
Rudy Mancke
Deloris Mungo
Al Segars, DVM
Yancey McLeod

Director of Rehabilitation

Julie McKenzie