Coming Together as One for Wildlife

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Spring is here, and with it comes the annual conundrum: How can we reconcile decreased donation levels with the need to care for the thousands of animals — many of whom are abandoned babies — that come in our doors this time of year?

The challenge is real and immediate.


These little guys will be here soon;  help us save them.

Consider this math: Our average annual intake of animals has TRIPLED in the last 20 years, from 1,200 birds, mammals and reptiles to more than 3,500 in recent years. This is not surprising, given that our expanding human footprint—new neighborhoods, shopping centers, highways and more— continues to crowd their natural habitat.

It takes an average of $62 to provide basic care for the animals we take in. Those costs are amortized over the months it takes to rehabilitate the majority of animals. We’re managing every dollar every day, but as our intakes increase, so do our costs. We must
secure the funding to sustain our work.

We need to raise $85,000 in the next 30-45 days to ensure we can take in all the animals that come to us this spring. Or we will be forced to turn them away.

Enter One for Wildlife

To meet this need in the months to come and beyond, we’ve officially launched our One for Wildlife campaign. A gift starting at just $1 a week ($52) helps us cover basic operating costs. Additional gifts help us provide the food, medicine and equipment animals need to recover and thrive. Major gifts do that and more, helping us expand our education and outreach work in the community, all of which is essential to wildlife conservation.

How you can help:

  • Screen Shot 2014-03-16 at 3.05.31 PMGo to our donate page to see the various giving levels associated with One for Wildlife, and give now
  • Follow the campaign online on our Facebook page, and share the appeals you see there with
    your Facebook page
  • Call me at 803.622.0002 to learn more about the ways in which you can get involved in hosting One for Wildlife fundraising events

This organization has taken in more than 56,000 birds, mammals and reptiles since we started 25
years ago. We’re at a crossroads in our history, this is the time to make a commitment to move our mission forward.

Join me, and stand as One for Wildlife.

Jay Coles
Executive Director

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