Oatee the Turtle: Friends Helping Wildlife

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Oatee the Turtle was brought in last month with a severely damaged shell. Things looked very bad for this poor turtle, but we had high hopes he would recover.

Matt, the young man who brought him in, rallied his friends and contacts. Together they raised more than $350 in donations. These donations helped defray the cost of this little turtle’s rehabilitation.

A few days (and a few Facebook posts) later, Oatee became a local superstar. Thanks to all of his fans, we were able to raise more than $800 ! These donations allowed us to purchase much needed pain medication for Oatee and other reptiles in need. In the past we were unable to afford these medications, but thanks to Oatee and all of you, our reptiles will have some respite from their aches and pains.

Without this wonderful community, our mission would not be possible. Because of you, hundreds of animals just like Oatee get a second chance at life.